Roland Sjösten with SoMolli
Winner of Swedish Championship/tracking
26th of August 2002

and Zelo
the WorkingDog of the year 2010


Roland Sjösten

Roland is active within the Swedish Working Dog organization since 35 years. He judges working classes, obedience classes and duty dogs. He is every year a course leader for the local club in Ronneby and if there is more time he joins Inki at lectures around Sweden and so far Finland, Denmark and Italy.

After winning the Swedish Championship in tracking in 1996 and 1997 with the German Shepard Irja, he trained SoMolli - a border collie, born 1998 - and they have joined the Swedish championship in tracking.
In 2001 they were placed No. 9, 2002 they were No.1, 2003 they were No. 11 and in 2004 they were No. 3 and 2005 No. 16.

Roland´s new border collie Zelo born 8th of December 2005 is presented separately. Look at him! He was in 2010 the best dog

Next bc comes from Finland - Tending Skyey. She competes in searching man and let´s see what will be of her. In spring 2016 the elite class is planned.

 of all working dogs in Sweden.

In our company - SRI Publication AB - Roland is responsible for the administration, the video production and he is also an appreciated "computer expert". Roland is - with his enourmous experience in training dogs - a very good speaking partner when new literature has to be created.

Roland is also International judge of obedience and of Dog Mentality Assessment and Mental test (for older dogs).