Seminar with Roland and Inki Sjösten 24-26th of July 2009

Coordinator was Heljä Marjamäki

Friday:         Tracking with Inki and Searching people with Roland.
Saturday:     Dog Mentality Test was shown and described by Roland Sjösten. 4 dogs were tested. Some photos are to be seen below.
Sunday:       Searching objects with Inki and Roland and obedience two groups with Inki and Roland.

Heljä Marjamäki - test leader Roland Sjösten - teacher

We went by ferry with our dogs. Here is Inki and Kaksi Roland relaxes. Kaksi and Zelo admire the view
The house of the Spaniel club where we met Roland tells the group about what was seen on a test situation

The labrador meets the group

Heljä brings the labrador for test of the social self confidence of the dog

Test situation Surprise Test situation Surprise - abreaction

The sledge

Come on!

The dog must pass the sledge to abreact and be balanced again

It was a hot day the 25th of July 2009 - some water was offerred

Test leader Heljä, Katriina Tiira and her riesen schnauzer

To grab and play is one of the testsituations

Test situation Surprice for Raimo and his bc Abreaction
Test situation Sudden noice The "Sudden Noice Man"
The sledge is finished



Are you interested in knowing more about Dog Mentality Test for Finland please contact Heljä Marjamäki - - She has translated the Swedish rules and instructions for the test.

Press on the DVD to read about it. Do you want to buy? Price list.
Tack för de fina glasen med klubbnamnet ingraverat