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Inkis visits to France:
29-30/6-1/7 2007 Maria Kuncewicz - Les Amis d´Obéissance  
28-29 of October 2006 - Maria Kuncewicz -
Les Amis d´Obéissance

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edited by Catherine COLLIGNON [
Inki visited France 30/6-1/7 2007. Obedience course -
invited by Patrick Moreau

Here are some pictures from the seminar

Patrick Moreau

 Catherine Chambouvet et Timgal

Edith Marion et Balzac

Laurence Chadenet and Maria Kuncewicz

Marjorie Russe et Candy

Marie Francoise Cretal, Candy et Marjorie Russe Marie Paule Bourdot. Blue Boy et Nicole Peytavin  

Claudine Roussel, Betty Boop et Catherine

Isabelle Bousset et Uron

Claudine Roussel et Betty Boop
The teacher is happy!  

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