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On the 22-23th of May 2010 I trained Prove Naturale (tracking, searching man, searching objects and rapport) together with some "obedience people" connected to centro cinofilo Good Boy. Angela Ricardi was the coordinator and had arranged the week-end very well.

Thanks for nice reception and good luck with the training of the nose work.


The "nose work" group

Here are some pictures from 24th of May when I and Angela went to Lago Maggiore to visit Isola Madre and Isola Bella. Very nice castles, parks, flowers and weather. Thnk you Angela for a nice day/Inki

 Hallo ...

I turn ... 

      OK - I show you      


End of story of 22-23-24th of May 2010


On the 27-28th of June 2009 I trained together with five competitors at the dog club Good Boy.
Here are some pictures from our week-end.

Angela, Giovanni, Octavia, Laura and Tano
got a certificate as a memory from the training.

Next World Obedience Champion?

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