Centro cinofilo Idefix

Inki visited Centro cinofilo Idefix during 28/6 - 9/7 2012 for
- Examination of AIM 1 instructors
- Training of obedience for competition - Debuttanti - (AIM 2)
- Training of Prove Naturali (AIM 3)

Here are some pictures and a list of 10 approved instructors of AIM 1 Ubbidienza Generale
using book UG, piano di Lavoro 3 livelli con DVD UG.

Roberto Rossi from Wild Riber dog school was an appreciated teacher together with Inki

Roberto R and Inki. Georgio and Roberto S from Centro cinofilo Idefix

Smiling was a habit of many participants ...

"Teacher table"

Happy participants

More happy participants of AIM 1


Teoria is also important - a check

Very concentrated participants of AIM 1

and dogs waiting for activity ...


Dog Center IDEFIX - instructors of AIM 1 ubbidienza generale 2012:

Manuela Gulli' (Brina - Mix)
Shirley Hillier  (Jonny - German S.d.)
Saverio Pellegrino (Ernesto - Mix)
Cecilia Soriente (Asia and Trilly Labrador /
Frida - Mix)
Raffaella Tedeschi (Zoe - Shappendoes /
Grisł - Briard)
Daniela Volando (Cleo - Groenendael)
Sara Volpicelli (Tessy - Mix Dobermann)
Erika Scicchitano (Meggie - Pinshcer)

  Raffaella Tedeschi (Zoe/Grisł) Sara Volpicelli (Tessy)
Shirley Hillier  (Jonny) Saverio Pellegrino (Ernesto) Manuela Gulli' (Brina)
Daniela Volando (Cleo) Cecilia Soriente (Trilly Labrador) Erika Scicchitano (Meggie)
Emilio Garito (Briard) Marco Cassini (Caucaso) View from the window
Inki stayed at Mezzanetto Bed&Breakfast - a very nice place with swimmingpool for some lazy dayes between the week-end courses.
  Mezzanetto Bed&Breakfast buiding
More pictures from Botanic Garden and Lago Pistone  - press    

Pictures from Roberto Rossi: