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Presentation of the "Inki" books and videofilms - so far - translated to the Italian language.

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AIM 1, 2 and 3.

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Roberto Rossi has translated to Italian as follows - please write it out and study! Grazie!
DVD sulla Valutazione della mentalità del cane 1 (DMA 1)
DVD sulla Valutazione della mentalità del cane 2 (DMA 2)
Descrizione verbale "chiave" (DMA)
Test del cucciolo - valutazione del cane prima dell´inizio del corse

Courses in 2010 with Inki



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AIM 1 part 1   15-16-17th of January
AIM 1 part 2     5-6th of June

Nose work + GO part 2 + Obedience for competition 26-27-28th of March 2010

All together

... the ladies ...

Inki with the men

Inki is social ...

Jumi - Roberto´s dog

Courses 2008/2009

AIM 1 course at Wild River. Start 11-12/10 2008.
Here are som pictures from the course and from the free day togther with Roberto Rossi.

Inki and Sabrina - the translater

The Boss - Roberto Rossi

Sandra and Angelica


Some of the participants
during the training

Second week-end 28/2+1/3 2009
Some pictures - hopefully more pictures come from some participants of the course.


Approved instructors AIM 1
after examination in March 2009

  1. Tiziana Magnani
  2. Katia Braghin
  3. Sara Contin
  4. Maddalena Massone
  5. Réjane Kocialkowski
  6. Elena Laura Francesconi

  7. Loredana Salier
  8. Ettore Colombo
  9. Anna Maria Arcere
  10. Rosanna Pappalardo
  11. Nicola Camoscini
  12. Elena Laura Francesconi
  13. Francesca Miletto

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Down on this page are some pictures from my free day together with Roberto in October 2008.

Instructor´s course
Ubbidienza Generale
Dec. 2007 - March 2008

Course leader:

Roberto Rossi

Inki Sjösten and Carlo Marzoli


Approved instructors AIM 1
after examination in March 2008

  • Sandra Panico

  • Giorgio Onorini

  • Ottavia Schirru

  • Rossella Bonfiglioli

  • Laura Carmignani

  • Patrizia Zampiero

  • Annamaria Rubini

  • Monica Bortolossi
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  1. Saturday 03 November 2007: Start the course according to the work plan together with Carlo
  2. 1-2 December together with Inki
  3. Home work according to what Inki says
  4. Sunday April 2008: Examination together with Carlo

Course material:
AIM Apprendimento per Immagine Mentale
Programma per la formazione di istruttori cinofili
Piano di lavoro in 8 incontri



30 days before examination day the exercises are presented on this web site and on the web site of Wild River



The important roll of a course leader - make coffee ...

Press and look!



Sabrina our fantastic translator!

L´oggetto - porta ...que? Inki and Sandra

Wine for lunch of course ... Thanks for the photos outside,  Rossella Bonfiglioli

A day in the nature 13th of October 2008 with Roberto Rossi.
We went by train from Deiva Marina to Monterosse.
Then we "climbed"  to Vernazza. A wonderful "walk".

We started from Monterosso

Up, up ... still smiling ...



The nice bridge must be on a picture ...

After two hours closed to Vernazza

Soon we are at the goal

Vernazza from above Vernazza - our goal. Then we went by train home to Deiva Marina.
Some views from Deiva Marina 28th of February 2009  
Oranges in the winter - I was surprised  

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