Inki Sjösten with
- Memorix Yksi
- Fuerza´s Kaksi

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Inki Sjösten * The Dog-owner

1970 the first dog of my own arried - a german shepard girl named Elbogens Jill. She was 11 months old and very unexperienced. We competed in working classes and won great victories. Jill became 13 ½ years old.

1980 Heidi arrived. I trained her from 5 weeks of age.  Heidi became 12 yeras old.

1990 Hacketorps Irja arrived. She was 8 months and a "wild dog" but becarne very quickly a member of the family and she also became a good dog - generally and at competitions. She is acting on the video film "Obedience&Working". Irja also got my husband as handler and they were a very successful equipage.

1995 Fuerza's Ito was the next dog - 8 weeks old - to our house when Irja were hurt on her back. The first male dog of my own. Oh what a difference between a male and femal dog... Ito´s page.

2002 Fuerza´s Kaksi is related to Ito.

2009 Memorix Yksi was a member of our family in August.

My interest in dog training and education made me educate myself to an instructor. Then I became a teacher in 1975. Today I am often courseleader and/or a specialist teacher for education of leaders of dog clubs and I am participating as a teacher at the Swedish Working Dog Association. A gold medal from the Working Dog Association in 1997 was appreciated.

Inki Sjösten * The competitor

I am a competitor and therefore I have been competing with all my dogs. The feeling of testing how the learning and training has managed is exciting and a measure of my ability to train and be handler at a competition.

Somewhat unpleasant sometimes but enormously funny when it works and it mostly does - but not always. Here are some of the merits of my dogs:

Jill - born in 1970 - was a good search dog with the merits at Swedish Championships (SC) No 2 in 1974, No 1 in 75 and No 2 in 1976. Also Nordic Championship (NC) silber in 1975.

Heidi - born in 1980 - was at SC 3rd and at NC 2nd in mail carrying 1983, SC 2nd in "protection" 1984, SC 6th in protection 1985, SC 5th in search 1988 and SC 14th in trailing 1989. Heidi was the first dog ever in Sweden which bas competed at SC in all the four working elasses. The Obedience Championship made Heidi S-Champion in 1989.

Irja - born in 1990 - is Working Champion in search and trailing and has also competed in mail carrying. Together with my husband she won SC in trailing in 1996 and 1997.

Ito - born in 1995 - was Working Champion in 1998 - trailing and mail carrying. We participated in trailing at SC in 1998 and were No 17 of 31 competing equipages and he was the youngest..... In 2000 we were No 13. We have also started the competition for search dogs. Ito´s page.

Kaksi - born in 2002. Our  competitions are presented on "Kaksis own side".

Yksi - born in 2009. Read more on Yksi´s pages!

Inki Sjösten * The writer

After some years in the Swedish Working Dog Association I was engaged as a leader within dog-owners' education. I wrote some compendiums.
We - I and my husband Roland - were asked to write books about the working classes - The SearchDog, The MailCarryingDog and the TrailingDog came 1985-86. (The TrailingDog was revided in 1996 and the SearchDog has been amended to a better way in a small booklet in 1997)

The books are also translated and sold in Finland by SPKL. It can easily be amended to other languages in small editions.

1989 came the bestseller "DOGeducation&obedienceTRAINING" which I wrote together with Roland. It is sold in about 70000 ex and has been used in many Swedish dog clubs.

1994 we edited the Swedish book GENERAL OBEDIENCE which I wrote together with Anne-Marie Folkesson. It has got a splendid receipt and is today used much more than "the old DOGeducation&obedienceTRAINING". It was translated in 1995 and is sold in Italy by Edizione Cinque in Biela.

1995 came the videofilm Obedience&Working which we have produced - I and Roland. This year also a booklet "Searching Objects" was written.

1997 came OBEDIENCE FOR COMPETITION I in Swedish which is a coursebook for the basic obedience for competition/show. MentalPicture-training is a new idea which hopefully will help the reader to train more targeted. Workplan "CoEd" - Competitor Education - and video are complements to the book. Search booklet which will replace the SearchDog was edited in August.

1997 I got the gold medal from the Swedish Working Dog Association for "pedagogical course literature".

1998 was the year of videoproduction. Dog Mentality Assessment Part I Presentation and part 2 Education with Swedish and English speech.

1999 the Swedish book "GENERAL OBEDIENCE" was revided. The book together with its Workplan gives a complete course material for dog owner education.

The Swedish video Obedience for Competition 1 gives the Swedish book OBEDIENCE for COMPETITION 1 a very good support.

The Swedish video about Searching objects was ready.

Booklet No 3 - International Obedience Class in English. The video International Obedience Class also was ready with English speech.

2000 The Swedish book ALLMÄNLYDNAD is also edited in Finland, translated to Finnish and Danish languages. In Denmark also the booklet about mental-objective oriented training is translated "Mentale Billeder".

2001 The video General Obedience with English speech was ready. 

2002 The book General Obedience was ready. The Swedish books about tracking (Nya SPÅRHUNDEN), mail carrying (RAPPORTHUNDEN), obedience for competition (TÄVLINGSLYDNAD 1) and the Danish Grundlæggende KONKURRENCELYDIGHED was on the market.

2003 The video Mental Objective-oriented Training was ready.

2004 The book SÖKHUNDEN - search for people and objects - was on the market. In English a booklet Mail Carrying and Leader Education was ready. In Spain General Obedience - Obediencia Básica - was edited. Also the videos are sold in Spain now.

2005 Work plan for leader education Obedience for competition was ready. Is tested in Italy in April.
General Obedience - the Swedish and the Danish books have been rewritten and hopefully even better than the old ones.

2007 TÄVLINGSLYDNAD - Lydnadsprov klass I, II, III och Elit - book in Swedish about the four Obedience classes according the new rules of 2007 is ready. Corresponding DVDs for classes I -II and also for III-Elite are ready. Workplan for class I is also produced.

BRUKSLYDNAD - lägre, högre, elitklass - book in Swedish about the four obedience classes of Working. After the new rules of 2007. Colour pictures in the book. A new thinking about learning through Word - Chain of Words - Exercise is presented. Very clear.

2008 Work Plans are revided and a new flexible program is written. This was mainly meant for Denmark. At the end of the program many exercises are described. Individual, two by two and for the whole group. Very useful for the participants and of course for the leaders.

2009 The book General Obedience - Swedish edition - was revided.

2012 Booklets about Rally obedience

2015 Searching man in Swedish was made to a booklet with a DVD enclosed


Inki Sjösten * Businessman

In 1989 I and Roland started SRI Publication AB. I worked as a seller (I sold plastic films all over the world) for further some years but in 1992 it was time to work full time in the own company.

It is very interesting to work wide - with economy, book keeping, marketing and contact with customers and of course writing new books and booklets and producing new videos together with Roland.

My engagement in Italy, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Estonia, Spain, Poland and France is of course an exciting dimension of my life which hopefully leads to contacts with other countries too.

Inki Sjösten * Lecturer

My successes at competitions, the popular writing and the pedagogical ability have made me appreciated as a lecturer and course leader all over Sweden and also in Italy, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Estonia, Spain, Poland and France.

I am talking (and showing with my dogs) about general ethologi, general obedience, obedience for competition, trailing, searching and mail carrying for listeners on every level.

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