Literature and videofilms in English
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- Videofilms

- Pdf Poster of our course system

- Presentation of Inki Sjösten
- Presentation of Roland Sjösten

- Mental objective-oriented training
- About Inki and her dogs Kaksi and Yksi

- Short puppy test

Prices after agreement with Inki -



General Obedience

Work plan 3 levels for groups of dog owners. Is used together with book and DVD

The tracking dog -
the dog follows a human track

Searching man
or the training of search and rescue dogs. 88 pages.

The dog searches objects (2009)



Obedience for competition
(IT rules)

Obedience for competition
Class 1 (IT rules)
International Obedience Class (FCI rules)

Obedience for Working Class competition
Beginners  (SE+IT rules)

Work Plan AIM 1 Leader Education
- General Obedience

Work Plan AIM 2 Leader Education
- Obedience for competition

Work Plan AIM 3 Leader Education
- Prove Naturale (nosework + obedience)
MOoT-Mental Objective-oriented Training
AIM in Italian and Spanish

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